Publications / Research / Books

Year 2020

  • Muhammad Armghan Faisal Miraj., Abid Ali., Naveed Ahsan,, Afgan, S., & Saleem, R.F., Comparative Analysis of Salt Structures in the Southern North Sea, Dutch Offshore, the Netherlands.
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  • Muhammad Armghan Faisal Miraj., Abid Ali., J., Hassan, Naveed Ahsan, Rathore, P. S., Saleem, R.F., Afgan, S., & Malik, M.B. An integrated approach to evaluate hydrocarbon potential of Jurassic Samana Suk Formation in Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan (Accepted)
  • Maria Latif, Nadia Jamil,., Muhammad Zaheer, Naqi Hussain, Muhammad Naeem, Naveed Ahsan Occurrence, Fate and Adverse Effects of Residual Levels of Preservatives and Active Whitening Agents from Waste water of Personal Care Products Industries, J. Water Chemistry and Technology, 42: 6, 465–471.
  • Muhammad Jawad Munawar, Sandra Vega, Chengyan Lin, Mohammad Alsuwaidi, Naveed Ahsan, Ritesh Ramesh Bhakta Upscaling Reservoir Rock Porosity by Fractal Dimension using 3D Micro CT and 2D SEM Images, Journal of Energy Resources Technology (Accepted)
  • Wasif Saeed, Hongbing Zhang, Qiang Guo, Aamir Ali, Tahir Azeem, Muhammad Toqeer, Muhammad Jawad Munawar, Mujahid Hussain An integrated petrophysical-based wedge modeling and thin bed AVO analysis for improved reservoir characterization of Zhujiang Formation, Huizhou sub-basin, China: A case study, Open Geosciences, 12:256-274
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