The Department of Geology was opened in 1951 offering a geology course at the F.Sc. level. It was discontinued in 1953 after the completion of only one batch of students. In 1952 the Punjab University opened an independent Department of Mineralogy under a UNESCO-Pakistan Government collaboration program. In January 1954, the department was reconstituted as the Department of Geology and Mineralogy. Later, in 1979 the Department was elevated to the status of an Institute.

Press Release

University of the Punjab made an educational institution license agreement with Petroleum Experts Limited, Scotland, UK for MOVE software program University of the Punjab acknowledges the Petroleum Experts on donating 10 licenses of each program i.e. MOVE 2D/3D kinematic, Geomechanical Modelling, Sediment Modelling, Fracture Modelling, Fault Response Modelling, Fault Analysis and Stress Analysis. It is worth mentioning that the Petroleum Expert provided the licensed software program(s) free of charge and has donated the equivalent of £1,601,839.98 to the Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab.

Vice Chancellor's Message
Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad
vc Among many points of pride that the University of the Punjab enjoys, is the establishment of the first seat of geological learning in Pakistan. Alive to the urgent needs [more]
Director's Message
Prof. Dr. Kamran Mirza
vc The Institute of Geology at University of the Punjab is the oldest seat of learning Geology in Pakistan. The institute was established to provide opportunities [more]