BS Applied Geology (Semester)

Duration : 4 Years
Course Work : 124 Hours
Thesis Work : 6 Hours

Semester I

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1ENG 101English I2
2SOC 101Islamic Studies 2
3MATH 101Mathematics I2
4PHYS 101Physics I2
5PHYS 102Physics I Lab.1
6CHEM 101Chemistry I2
7CHEM 102Chemistry I Lab1
8GEOL 101General Geology2
9GEOL 102Paleontology2
10GEOL 103Paleontology Lab1

Semester II

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1ENG 102English II2
2MATH 102Mathematics II2
3PHYS 103Physics II2
4PHYS 104Physics II Lab1
5CHEM 103Chemistry II2
6CHEM 104Chemistry II Lab1
7GEOL 104Mineralogy I2
8GEOL 105Mineralogy I Lab1
9GEOL 106Geomorphology2
10GEOL 107Geomorphology Lab1
11GEOL 108Fieldwork I2

Semester III

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1ENG 203Communication Skills2
2MATH 203Mathematics III2
3COMP 201Computing & Geostatistics2
4COMP 202Computing & Geostatistics Lab1
5GEOL 209Field Geology2
6GEOL 210Field Geology Lab1
7GEOL 211Mineralogy II2
8GEOL 212Mineralogy II Lab1
9GEOL 213Stratigraphy of Pakistan2
10GEOL 214Stratigraphy of Pakistan Lab1
11SOC 202Pakistan Studies1

Semester IV

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1ENG 204Technical Report Writing2
2GEOL 215Structural Geology2
3GEOL 216Structural Geology Lab1
4SURV 201Survey & Mapping Techniques2
5SURV 202Survey & Mapping Techniques Lab1
6GEOL 217Igneous Petrology2
7GEOL 218Igneous Petrology Lab1
8GEOL 219Nuclear Geology2
9GEOL 220Nuclear Geology Lab1
10GEOL 221Fieldwork II2

Semester V

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1GEOL 322Geology & Tectonics of Pakistan3
2GEOL 323Geology & Tectonics of Pakistan Lab1
3GEOL 324Sedimentology2
4GEOL 325Sedimentology Lab1
5GEOL 326Sequence Stratigraphy2
6GEOL 327Sequence Stratigraphy Lab1
7GEOL 328Metamorphic & Sedimentary Petrology2
8GEOL 329Metamorphic & Sedimentary Petrology Lab1
9GEOL 330Micropaleontology2
10GEOL 331Micropaleontology Lab1
11GEOL 332Applied Lab Techniques2

Semester VI

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1GEOL 333Geophysics2
2GEOL 334Geophysics Lab1
3GEOL 335Geochemistry2
4GEOL 336Geochemistry Lab1
5GEOL 337Engineering Geology2
6GEOL 338Engineering Geology Lab1
7GEOL 339Mining Geology2
8GEOL 340Mining Geology Lab1
9GEOL 341Economic Geology2
10GEOL 342Economic Geology Lab1
11GEOL 343Fieldwork III2

Semester VII

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1GEOL 444Remote Sensing & GIS2
2GEOL 445Remote Sensing & GIS Lab1
3GEOL 446Environmental Geology2
4GEOL 447Environmental Geology Lab1
5GEOL 448Hydrology2
6GEOL 449Hydrology Lab1
7GEOL 450Petroleum Geology2
8GEOL 451Petroleum Geology Lab1
9GEOL 452Special Paper I2
10GEOL 453Special Paper I Lab1

Semester VIII

#CodeCourseCredit Hours
1GEOL 454Special Paper II2
2GEOL 455Special Paper II Lab1
3GEOL 456Special Paper III2
4GEOL 457Special Paper III Lab1
5GEOL 458Thesis6